About Raporal-Rations De Portugal SA

The current economic conditions are paricularly hard, as the financial and economic crisis casts a global shadow. We face a period of transition and of mentality changes, both in the entrepreneurial and in the private sphere. The agrifood sector faces very serious problems, which result from the increase in production costs and the impossibility of reflecting the cost increase in the end price.

Our current task is to reflect, define objectives and make decisions regarding the measures our organisation must implement so as to face this huge challenge. Our company’s daily life is now – and shall be in days to come – of great exigency. We want to be more competitive, ensuring the quality of the products and the integrity of the organisation, in an increasingly more aggresive market, in which there is no margin for errors.

about us

Import high quality pork meat from Portugal

The quality you need. Value chain

Control over all the links in the production chain (reception, slaughter, cutting, packaging, dispatch and transport) guarantees the highest quality of all our products.

An element of uniqueness that makes it different from any other company in the sector.

+1,350,000 slaughterings per year

Our productivity exceeds 1,350,000 slaughterings per year, with almost 500,000 pigs of our own production and around 6.500 tonnes of sausages and 350,000 pieces of cured ham. Raporal knows the demands of Asian customers, to whom we offer quality in its most demanded products (hearts, livers, tongues and kidneys, etc.).

It also sells noble pieces, such as ham or shoulder and more generic products, such as bacon, knuckles and various types of bones. Cured ham is exported to a lesser extent.

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